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Hello, 2021 graduates!!!!!!!

You did it; you finished high school and you proved that even Covid couldn't stop you.  You should be proud of yourself; we at the Career Center sure are! There are a couple of questions we have been getting so, hopefully, here are some answers.

First, if you attended your ceremony on May 26 and had your picture taken in the tent, those photos are ready for you to pick up.

Next, if you need to pick up your Passport, you can also do that.

Here are the particulars:

Mrs. Greer will be at the Career Center Tuesday and Wednesday of the upcoming week.  Those dates are June 15 & 16.  Times are 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.  Weather permitting, She will be outside at the main entrance.  If it rains, she will be in the vestibule at that entrance.

If you are not able to pick up either the photo or the Passport you may have someone (parent, relative, friend) pick it up for you.

If you have questions please email Mrs. Greer at before Tuesday morning.

She is looking forward to seeing you!

Mrs. Greer

Academy Philosophy

The philosophy behind the academy model is to increase collaboration between career technical program instructors and content teachers. This structure will provide increased opportunity for alignment of career technical competencies with industry credential requirements, as well as cross-content integration of content standards. The academy concept will maximize the opportunities provided for career technical students, making their experience in school as relevant as possible, preparing them for life in college, and their future careers.

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Mahoning County Career & Technical Center

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The MCCTC offers a group of passionate professionals ready to help you begin your career. Since 1972, MCCTC has provided thousands of students with the education to lead a successful career and life. Once enrolled in one of our diverse programs, your options and potential are limitless.

The Mahoning County Career and Technical Center offers adults an opportunity to start or advance in a career. MCCTC Adult Career Center offers Industry Credential Programs, professional development classes and other courses to put you on the right track.

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  • Attorney David Engler, Board Member
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  • Ms. Beth Donofrio, Board Member
  • Attorney Kathi McNabb-Welsh, Board Member

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