Electricity Program

The Electricity program will begin by teaching students how to organize a project work sequence. They will learn principles in basic safety (10-hr OSHA), electrical math, electrical theory, material and equipment, blueprint reading, communication, and employability skills. Students will interpret schematics; construct basic circuits, use test equipment, and electrical as well as install, test, and repair receptacle outlets, lighting, and small appliance circuits. They will understand circuit protection concepts and install a subpanel. A specialty circuit installation will be addressed. Students will complete the program with an intense study of commercial and industrial electrical systems.


Students in this program will learn:

  • Industrial and commercial wiring system
  • Operation of testing equipment
  • Analysis of electrical circuits
  • Service of residential and commercial wiring systems
  • Industrial wiring installation and repair
  • Operation of industrial motor controls from Logic
  • Line diagrams
  • The National Electrical Code (NEC)

College Connection

Electricity Program Higher Education Options

Two-year technical degree in electrical technology, or Four-year professional degree in electrical engineering. Students who choose to continue their education after MCCTC will be eligible to receive credit for:

  • 250 Hours in the Electrical Tech Program at the New Castle School of Trade
  • Credit for Construction Safety 3 & Construction Technology at Kent State University
  • ELE 101 4 at Eastern Gateway Comunity College
  • EDT 121 Eng Tech Seminar 1 at Stark State College
  • Hours/Credits in a four-year apprenticeship program through IBEW or IEC