Advanced Manufacturing

Did you know that nearly everything you touch has been manufactured in some way, shape, or form? Our advanced manufacturing program allows students to be creative while also requiring them to be detailed oriented. It teaches students all aspects of machining applications in manufacturing. Students will learn the fundamental principles and practices of cutting, drilling, and grinding using modern machine tools, hand tools (manual drills and lathes), and precision measuring instruments.

Students apply their knowledge of product characteristics, perform necessary calculations, and use precision measuring instruments and layout equipment to mill products to print dimensions. Students will also use computer numerical control (CNC) programming to mill products comprised of different types of materials.

Meet The Machine Academy Teachers

Students in this program will learn:

  • Shop safety and OSHA regulations
  • Blueprint reading
  • Basic hand & measuring tools
  • Precision layout and inspection
  • Manual machining operations using band saws; drill presses; grinders, milling machines, and lathes,
  • CNC mill and lathe set-up and operation
  • Master skills in Computer-Aided Drafting and Machining (CAD/CAM)
  • Work on Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) milling machines and lathes

College Connection

Advanced Manufacturing Higher Education Options

Graduates of this program may serve apprenticeships, attend technical schools or pursue two-year college degrees in mechanical engineering technology or manufacturing technology. They may also choose to earn a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.