Valley STEM + ME2 Academy-Coursework

Mission: To prepare students with the skills necessary to compete in the global economy while nurturing the characteristics of discovery, invention, application, and entrepreneurship.

The curriculum in Valley STEM + ME2 Academy was chosen to guide students in the mission of the program. Data from the current job market, student interests, and college/career readiness guides curriculum choices. Valley STEM + ME2 incorporates Project Lead the Way (PLTW) as the foundation for part of the curriculum. Project Lead The Way is the nation’s leading provider of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs. In addition to PLTW, Advanced Career/Clean Energy Technology will be taught throughout the two-year program.

Freshman Coursework

  • Clean Energy Technology 1
  • Robotics 1 (Inventor, RobotC, Gears, Virtual Builds, Competitions)
  • Exploratory Engineering, divided into 4, 9-week courses: First 9 Weeks: The Design Process, Sketching and Drawing, BlueprintReading, Dimensioning, Research Engineering 1 • Second 9 Weeks: Inventor, Simple Machines, Bridge Building, FrameAnalysis in Inventor/MD Solids, Research Engineering 2 • Third 9 Weeks: AC/DC Circuits, Parallel and Series Circuits, Breadboarding, Soldering, Research Engineering 3 • Fourth 9 Weeks: Research Engineering 4, Capstone Project
  • Computer Software 1 (PLTW)
  • English Language Arts 9, or English Language Arts 9 Honors
  • Math (course depends on 8th grade math credit; per Ohio Department of Education Graduation Requirements)
  • World History or Honors World History
  • Biology or Honors Biology
  • PE and Health: Taken online semester 2, unless transcripted credit given at the middle school level per ODE Graduation Requirements (½ unit Health, ½ unit PE). Students have the option to take summer school prior to attending, or take the online coursework the summer prior to starting Valley STEM. Credit Flex options available as well per school policy.

Freshman Lab Elective Choices

Valley STEM Lab Elective Description

In Engineering Logic students will work with vex robotics, raspberry pi’s and sphero’s with a focus on design strengths and weaknesses as well as coding fundamentals.

Valley STEM Lab Elective Description

Students will get hands-on experience with engineering fundamentals such as sketching and 3D modeling. They will be introduced to subtractive manufacturing, CNC Router, CNC Mill, and laser engraving. They will be exposed to additive processes such as 3D printing and vacuum forming and some fundamentals of electricity, both AC and DC systems.

Valley STEM Lab Elective Description

Students in this class will use both FAB lab machines and art equipment/ software in order to learn about business development and production creation. This class will inspire students to further explore STEM careers through innovation.

Valley STEM Lab Elective Description

Students will get an introduction into the coding language and basic coding commands. Students will be exposed to robotC, python, html, and ladder logic in an attempt to understand how to effectively communicate and utilize computers to accomplish tasks. Multiple projects will be completed throughout the 9 weeks to expose students to these concepts.