Building Construction & Remodeling

The Building Construction and Remodeling program will begin by teaching students how to organize a project work sequence. They will learn principles in basic safety (10-hr OSHA), construction math, hand and power tool operation, blueprint reading, material handling, communication, and employability skills. Interpreting plans and diagrams, layout, and install the basic wall, floor, and roof applications are some of the competencies students will be learning. Students will perform introductory concrete applications including formwork, reinforcement, mixing, and finishing. They will learn procedures and techniques required for the layout and framing of walls and ceilings, including roughing-in door and window openings, constructing corners and partitions; bracing walls and ceilings; and applying sheathing. Throughout the program, the safe handling of materials, personal safety, prevention of accidents, and the mitigation of hazards are emphasized.

Students in this program will learn:

  • Basic safety, construction math, and employability skills
  • Hand and power tool operation
  • Blueprint reading, Interpreting plans and diagrams
  • Framing of walls and ceilings including roughing in door and window openings
  • Concrete applications including formwork, reinforcement, mixing, and finishing
  • Wall, floor and roof applications
  • Circuit wiring and drywall installation

College Connection

Building Construction & Remodeling Higher Education Options

Higher education is available as a two-year technical degree in surveying, architectural drafting or construction management, Four-year professional degree in construction technology or Four-year apprenticeship program