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Thinking about College?

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Need help finding Colleges/ Paying for College?

There are more than 2,000 colleges in the United States. Find the right college for you.

College Applications – Most are available online. We recommend applying to your school(s) of choice by December. If you are on free/reduced lunch please request a fee waiver from us to waive the college application fee and choose pay later or waiver if there is an option. Please also check each college website for entrance requirements and deadlines!

College Visits – Seniors can take 2 excused college visit days. Colleges are limiting in-person visits, so call early to book OR look into virtual days. On the day of your visit, have your parent call the attendance office. The visit is not excused until we receive a written excuse from the college. Please ASK for this letter from the college.

Letters of recommendation

Fill out the form, found in guidance, and give it to the person you are requesting a letter of recommendation. Allow enough time for the person to write the recommendation – usually 2 weeks. Plan ahead for the best letter!

NCAA Clearinghouse

If you plan to participate in Division I or II athletics in college, you must register with the NCAA. This is your responsibility!