Policies & Procedures

MCCTC Student Catalog

Information on school policies regarding a student’s rights and responsibilities, available financial assistance, institutional policies, completion/graduation rates, student code of conduct, campus security and drug/alcohol abuse policy is located in the MCCTC Student Catalog. The Student Catalog is distributed to each new student via email prior to the first day of class. A printed copy of the Catalog may be distributed during the required Orientation Session or requested from the Adult Career Center Business office at any time. Click here to view the 2023-2024 Student Catalog

Withdrawal and Refund Policies

Students may withdraw from a Career Certification Program by notifying the Program Administrator in writing.  Please click here to view the Withdraw & Refund Policy

Maximum Timeframe to Complete

The maximum timeframe of completion to remain eligible for financial aid is 111.11% of the published length of a program (100 / 90% = 111.11%). For example, a program published length of 45 weeks must be completed in 50 calendar weeks (45 x 111.11% = 49.99).

Pace of Completion

All students must successfully complete at least 90% of their cumulative attempted clock hours to stay on pace with the maximum timeframe requirements. Attempted clock hours are the hours a student attends each payment period. Pace of progress is measured by taking the cumulative clock hours successfully completed by the student divided by the number of cumulative clock hours the student attempted through the end of the payment period or period of enrollment. Students may be excused for up to 10% of their total program hours for absences due to unforeseen life events.  

Financial Aid Standards of Academic Progress (FA-SAP)

Any student receiving Title IV funds such as a Pell Grant and/or a Direct Student Loan must maintain requirements regarding attendance and academic progress. Failure to maintain these requirements will place the student in jeopardy of losing federal financial aid until action is taken to regain eligibility. Satisfactory academic progress (SAP) is determined by both attendance/pace of progress criteria (90% or better) and academic average criteria (73% or higher). To be considered eligible for Title IV funds, students must qualify both quantitative (attendance) and qualitative (academically).

Click here to view full Financial Aid-SAP Policy including FA-SAP Terms, Financial Aid Appeals Process, and Grounds for a Financial Aid Appeal.