What Is The Adult Diploma Program All About?

The Adult Diploma Program is an initiative by the Ohio Department of Education to provide job training and a new pathway for adults, ages 18 or older, to earn a high school diploma AND industry credentials aligned to one of Ohio’s in-demand jobs.

In order to begin the process, potential students must first pass the ACT WorkKeys® exam with a score of 14. Once the student passes the exam, they will choose a credential program. Upon successful completion of the program, the student will earn their state-issued High School Diploma.

Program Offerings

Stick Welding
Medical Office Assisting
Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair

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Program Calendars*

Current Adult Diploma STNA Calendars:

February 2024
April 2024
June 2024

Current Adult Diploma Phlebotomy Calendar:

Jan 2024 – April 2024

Current Adult Diploma Medical Office Assistant Calendars:

January 2024
February 2024
March 2024
April 2024
May 2024

Current Adult Diploma EMT Calendar:

Starts: 2/5/24
Ends: 5/11/24
Mon & Wed 6PM – 10PM
Eight Saturday classes, 8 hours long, dates TBD

Current Adult Diploma Welding Calendar:

Start no later than March, 2024
End second week of June
Two days per week, 5PM – 10PM

Current Adult Diploma Automotive Calendar:

Start August 2024
End October 2024
Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs., 6PM – 10PM


* Program dates and time subject to change


ACT WorkKeys® study guide and practice test:

https://success.act.org/s/article/WorkKeys-Assessments-Online-Practice-Test (create account to take practice test)



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