Understanding Your Strengths

Understanding personal values, interests, and skills can help individuals make more informed career decisions. Check out these tools from external sites to learn more:

Understanding Your Field

Be sure to explore details about your career of interest such as regional wages, job duties, projected growth, or training requirements. Check out these external sites to learn more:

Career Readiness Skills

Research has shown that select Career Readiness Skills are essential for individual success in the rapidly changing 21st century workforce. Keeping this in mind, these identified Career Readiness Skills have been thoughtfully integrated into all of our Adult Career Center Programs.

Eight Essential Career Readiness Competencies

Why These Skills Matter

Resumes, Cover Letters, Interviewing, Oh My!

Enrolled students may log into their CareerPrepped account for additional resources, or contact their Career Readiness instructor or the Student Services Coordinator for additional assistance.

Did you know that the Mahoning County Public Library is dedicated to helping individuals explore careers, offer resume assistance or connect them with “how to” resources to assess, build, and expand skills?

OhioMeansJobs is another local service provider dedicated to assisting individuals with their career exploration needs. OMJ offers monthly workshops in resume writing, interviewing, and more. Visit the OhioMeansJobs website or call 330-965-1787

For quick tips you can also visit the Resume Genius site for some great information on building your resume.


Enrolled students can log into their Careerprepped accounts to view & complete Career Management Skill Builders:

  • 6.40 Manage Your Job Search
  • 6.45 Excel in Job Interviews
  • + More

Additionally, CareerPrepped’s Job Center allows you to search for jobs powered by Indeed, save them to your “My Jobs” area, track your progress from application to offer, and save notes on each job.


Students are also encouraged to create a Profile through the OhioMeansJobs site. OMJ provides a comprehensive job search database along with other tools to help job seekers prepare for their next career.


Career Placement Assistance

Placement Assistance is available to all students who complete a Career Training Program at MCCTC. Although student employment is the goal of the Adult Career Center for all of its graduates, employment upon program completion is not guaranteed. To speak with the Employment and Training Coordinator, Jim Jarvis, call our office (330)729-4100


Career Readiness Course

The Career Readiness Course provides instruction to assist job seekers in finding related employment. The Career Readiness course provides students with skills in locating available jobs, preparing for interviews, and producing resumes that clearly define the applicant’s qualifications and objectives. Each student is responsible for developing a resume for the placement file and Career Passport prior to completing his/her training program.