Adult Career Center Hosting Electric Vehicle Workshop

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Adult Career Center Hosting Electric Vehicle Workshop

Adult Career Center Hosting Electric Vehicle Workshop

July 18, 2023

by Dom Fonce


On July 24th through July 26th from 9AM to 5PM, MCCTC’s Adult Career Center will host an electric and hybrid vehicle training workshop. The workshop will showcase hands-on diagnostics and repair techniques, specifically working with high-voltage vehicles, and will cost $500 per attendee. It will be run by AVI On Demand. Lunch will be provided.


MCCTC is being proactive in its drive for EV/hybrid training. The IEA (International Energy Agency) has reported that 18% of vehicles globally will be electric by the end of 2023, which is up from just 4% in 2020. Additionally, reports suggest 40% to 50% of all passenger cars sales could be electric by 2030 in the U.S. The speed of this increase is shocking, and MCCTC is aware that automotive workers will need to familiarize themselves with electric vehicles or be left behind.


“MCCTC wants to be on the cutting edge,” Superintendent John Zehentbauer said. “We want to be an unbiased informational resource for people to come learn new and exciting things.” He also said he wants this EV/hybrid workshop to be a training tool for MCCTC instructors. His goal is for instructors to take the workshop and be able to teach their students EV/hybrid principles in the classroom. He calls this push for innovation “upskill.”


In 2022, MCCTC announced a $1.1 million expansion project for their Energy Technology and Workforce Training Center, coming after a $218,000 award to install electric vehicle charging stations on campus. Earlier in 2023, Ohio Lt. Governor Jon Husted visited MCCTC and announced Ohio’s Electric Vehicle Workforce Strategy. MCCTC Adult Career Center Supervisor, Mary Mihalopoulos said, “Electric vehicle manufacturing is a state initiative, and [MCCTC] is trying to stay on top of the trends. Beyond training, we want to be an information hub for the valley.”


The course is designed to highlight what makes these vehicles’ operations unique, as well as extensively covering safety. It will also cover proper personal protective equipment for the technician and explain recommended tools. The course will additionally include topics of electricity fundamentals and testing procedures, wiring schematics, hybrid/EV configurations and components, regenerative braking, scan tool diagnostics, and much more.


The course has numerous objectives. Specifically, it is designed to introduce theories of electricity and electrical currents to auto-mechanics unfamiliar with electric vehicles. It will also run down how to test electrical currents, define the different types of electric vehicles, and high-voltage component replacement.


A complete list of covered topics is as follows: electricity fundamentals, AC vs. DC, Ohms law, circuits, proper meter usage, amperage vs. resistance, battery construction and how they work, basic DVOM, resistance testing, voltage drop testing, parasitic draws, understanding, wiring schematics, electrical shorts and opens, 12 Volt Battery Systems, lab scope usage, high voltage safety and PPE, electric vehicle configurations, common EV terminology, vehicle Charging with EV’s, technician personal protective equipment, high voltage leads and tools, high voltage battery technologies, unique EV systems and components, EV servicing, regenerative braking systems, electric vehicle cooling systems, scan tools and EVs, 3-phase testing procedures, maintenance opportunities.


Adult Career Center Training and Employment Coordinator, Jim Jarvis said, “EV is coming. If people want to prepare for the job market of the future, EV training is required.” He is reaching out to local automotive repair shops to increase interest in workshop participation. Companies typically need to send employees out of town for this type of training. He said, “If you are one of the few who are trained in EV maintenance, you have made your value climb exponentially.”


For those interested in or have questions about the workshop call (330) 729-4000 and ask for Jim Jarvis.


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