Inclusive Education at MCCTC

For the 2024-25 school year, MCCTC and Valley STEM provide special education services to more than 250 students around the Mahoning Valley. This is the result of the meaningful partnerships that have been developed with the residential districts of Mahoning County and their respective directors of student services. These amazing directors attend all IEP and ETR meetings while their students are at MCCTC and Valley STEM, and we pride ourselves on excellent teaming for the individual growth of these incredible students. Over 90% of the students served at MCCTC and Valley STEM receive the entirety of their education in a fully included setting. Our case managers focus heavily on self-advocacy and independence as we strive to transition our students toward readiness for post-secondary success.

In addition to fully including students with disabilities in our 22 state-tested career and technical programs, we also serve students in a Career-based Intervention program, a special enrollment program for students with intensive needs, and through our partnership with the Mahoning County Educational Service Center’s Transition to Work Program which is housed in our facility.

Meet Our Team

Corey Stephens, Student Services Principal
330-729-4000 ext. 1204

MCCTC Special Education Teachers

Kasey Clark
330-729-4000; Extension: 1607

John Klem
330-729-4000; Extension: 1444

Michelle Naymick
330-729-4000; Extension: 1247

Heather Sankey
330-729-4000; Extension: 1608

Stephanie Francis
330-729-4000; Extension: 1429

Marina Silvestri
330-729-4000; Extension: 1606

Alisha Bobby
330-729-4000 Extension: 1427

Zachary Capan
330-729-4000; Extension: 1728

Tom Smith

330-729-4000 Extension: 1851

Paris Krug

330-729-4000 Extension: 1856