Meet Our New Special Interest Class Instructors!

Jack and Tony

Meet Our New Special Interest Class Instructors!

MCCTC Adult Career Center is pleased to announce that Jack Kravitz and Tony Nicholas have been hired to teach as special interest class instructors.

Kravitz has a long history of successful endeavors in the Mahoning Valley. With accomplishments almost too numerous to mention, some of Jack’s background includes being the proud, longtime owner of Kravitz Delicatessen in Liberty Township, taught cooking classes at his café location at Fellows Riverside Gardens, developed a new concept of selling shelf-stable bagels in six packs for the bread shelves, was awarded the 2019 Association of Fundraising Professionals Outstanding Small Business Philanthropist of the year and became the first exclusive caterer for the Poland Branch of the Youngstown Library.

Nicholas comes to the Career Center with an impressive art background that includes a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Art with a concentration in Photography from Youngstown State University, a Master’s degree in Imaging Arts from the Rochester Institute of Technology, adjunct faculty at YSU, executive director of the arts non-profit organization “Artists of the Rust Belt” and also taught photography at the SMARTS program in Youngstown.

Tony says his class, which starts March 14, 2023, “will provide a better understanding of how a camera works, the basics of composition and perspective in creating better photographs. A top priority is to have fun learning more about this amazing form of communication.”

Kravitz will hold the second class in his Laid Back Cooking Series on Thursday March 23, 2023 at the Career Center. Jack is excited to bring his easy-going cooking style to the MCCTC kitchen.

Space is limited. Call the Career Center office at (330) 729-4100 to enroll.

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