Short Course Policies

Any adult 18 years of age and or older may register for classes regardless of previous educational background. There are no residential requirements. All courses are offered without regard to race, color, national origin, sex or handicap.

Tuition is payable upon enrollment. All tuition fees are listed online. No partial payments are accepted. If your employer will be making payment for a class, a letter on company letterhead must accompany the registration form. Many employers will pay all or part of the course fees; check with your personnel office. No person may enter a class unless the tuition has been paid. VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover will be accepted.

All registration fees must be paid in advance. Individuals must pay for all textbooks, workbooks and any other materials that are used unless otherwise specified. All individuals are responsible for providing their own safety equipment.

You may assume that your class will be held unless you are notified that it has been canceled.

Adults wishing to withdraw may do so by phone or in person. If requested at least five (5) business days prior to the first class date a refund (less a $15.00 withdrawal fee) will be issued, otherwise no refund will be issued. A full refund will be made if the Mahoning County Career and Technical Center cancels the class. The school reserves the right to cancel a class due to insufficient enrollment.

In classes offering a certificate of completion, individuals must be in attendance 90% of the time to receive a certificate indicating the completion of the class. Attendance will be taken at each session. No individual will be permitted to enter a class unless their name(s) is on the roster or a copy of the registration is shown to the instructor. Certificates are not given in Special Interest courses. (Computer classes that are 12 hours or less in length require 100% attendance in order for the individual to receive a certificate of completion.) Certificates will be awarded at the last class session. Certificates will not be mailed. Individuals may request a duplicate certificate for an additional fee of $5.00.

Many courses require books. Some require other materials such as protective clothing, safety glasses, kits, art supplies, etc. Individuals will be given a list of supplies they need to purchase on their own either prior to class or on the first night of class.

Adult Career Center reserves the right to cancel, discontinue, postpone, or combine classes. A minimum of eight individuals is needed to ensure operation of most classes; however, some classes require higher minimum enrollments. In the event of a canceled course, the Adult Career Center will notify the individual by mail or phone.

In the event of inclement weather, listen to your local radio or TV station for announcements pertaining to the closing of the Mahoning County Career and Technical Center, Adult Career Center. Day school closing does not necessitate the closing of the building for evening classes.

Safety is a major concern here at the school. Our safety record has been excellent. All instructors are required to review with their class the safety procedures for the shop areas. This is a very important part of each course curriculum.

All emergencies must be reported to the Adult Career Center Office to an Administrator or Security Personnel.

No use of tobacco products, including cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, and electronic cigarettes, is permitted within the facilities or on the property of Mahoning County Career and Technical Center at any time. “Property” means the school’s facilities “curb to curb,” including buildings, grounds, adjacent sidewalks, parking lots/driveways, school-owned vehicles, and individual-owned vehicles parked on MCCTC property. Individuals found violating this policy are subject to fines by the Canfield Police Department.

Prior to 2:30p periodic drills will be held throughout the year. Specific instructions are posted in each room. Individuals shall follow the instructions. In the event of a fire drill, all personnel should exit. Leave all lights on and use the exit for your room or shop as instructed. The objective is to exit the building as rapidly and as orderly as possible. Above each door in every classroom, one will find instructions for exiting the building in case of a fire drill. Please read these instructions and your instructor will review them with you. In case of a tornado drill, an announcement will be made over the PA system. This system is designed to function even in the event of an electric power failure. Individuals are requested to follow the directions of their instructors and move quickly to their assigned areas. In the event of an energy blackout, the school is equipped with an emergency generator that will take over. There might be a 30-60 second delay. Please remain calm and patient, but do not leave your room. If power is not restored, school personnel will assist the individuals in exiting the building.

Individuals are to dress in clothing that is clean and in a manner that will be acceptable to the type of class they are enrolled and/or in business casual attire. No individual will be permitted to enter any area in violation of established safety rules and procedures. Hard-toed shoes with leather uppers and safety glasses will be worn in all shop areas at all times. Loose fitting, flammable clothing and tennis shoes are not safe for any shop area. The responsibility for the dress and grooming of an individual resides primarily with the individual and the individual’s instructor. The school may impose restrictions if the dress or grooming disturbs the safety of the individuals or another individual or disrupts the educational process.

Visitors should enter the building by Door 1. They must check in at the Main Office. All school personnel have the right to exclude uninvited or unauthorized persons from the school premises. Parents, civic groups, organizations, clubs and business groups are encouraged to visit the school. Special arrangements may be made for persons wishing to visit the school by calling the Adult Career Center at 330-729-4100.

Individuals are permitted to park anytime in the North lot (by the greenhouses, fourth driveway off of N. Palmyra Road from Route 224) and after 3p in the South lot (first driveway off of N. Palmyra Road closest to Route 224) and enter through Door 1. There is no parking in the fire lanes leading to each shop area at any time. Fire lanes are for emergency vehicles only. Parking is not permitted in the grass. Parking is available in lots and at the front of the school for persons with disabilities in designated areas for those students displaying appropriate identification in their vehicle. The school assumes no responsibilities for loss, for damage to students’ personal property, for damage to any car, for loss by theft of any vehicle, or for any of its contents in or adjacent to school property.

MCCTC assumes no responsibility or liability for theft, damage, or loss of money, valuables, or other personal property of any student or guest caused by fire, water, other causality, neglect or the actions of a third party that occur on school property or at school-related events.

We are proud of MCCTC. Hopefully you will share our pride. We know you will do your part to help us have an attractive facility and keep our equipment in good working order. Our school is a public facility and is also used by the community. By keeping the building and equipment in good condition, we are showing the taxpayers that we appreciate their continuing support.

Because the care of equipment and facility is a cooperative task, the following guidelines apply:

  • Any damage to the building must be reported to an Adult Career Center Administrator or Security Personnel.
  • Persons who are caught marking, painting, or otherwise defacing school property will face disciplinary action.
  • Try to avoid carelessness and accidents, which may result in damage.

The pride that you hold in our facility is strongly reflected in the manner in which it is kept. Please do your part to keep our school in excellent condition.


An individual shall not, by use of violence, force, noise, threat, or intimidation, cause the disruption of any school function.


An individual shall not intentionally cause or attempt to cause damage to property or steal or attempt to steal property either on the school grounds or during school activities, functions, or events off school grounds.


An individual shall not intentionally cause or attempt to cause physical injury or intentionally behave in such a way as could reasonably cause physical injury to another person at school or at school functions.


Improper language will not be condoned.


An individual shall not knowingly possess, use, transmit, or be under the influence of any drugs and/or alcohol, including look-alike drugs, at school or at a school function. Display of items, which relate to advertising and/or use of illegal or controlled substances, is not acceptable. Individuals participating in any such activity will be escorted from the school by the security officer and dismissed from the school for the quarter.

Removal from Class

Individuals who are consistently disruptive, who are found with illegal substances, with alcohol, with firearms or other such inappropriate objects, will be escorted from the school by the security personnel and dismissed from the school. Legal action may also result. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Each individual must accept responsibility for his/her own health and is expected to maintain high standards of mental, physical and emotional health. All appointments with private physicians or at a clinic must be scheduled so as to avoid conflict with classes and clinical experience.

Since students are not employees of the Mahoning County Career and Technical Center, they are not entitled to Workers Compensation benefits. The student will be financially responsible for any medical treatment received while a student. Based on this, it is strongly recommended that students carry adequate medical insurance.

It is required that any illness or injury occurring while in attendance at MCCTC be reported immediately to a member of MCCTC Adult Career Center faculty.

Student tuition accounts that are not paid in full as per the allotted payment timeframe will be turned over to the Ohio Attorney General’s office. The Ohio Attorney General’s office serves as the chief collection agent for the Adult Career Center. The Attorney General’s Office charges a collection fee that will be passed on to the student debtor. When a student tuition account has been turned over to The Attorney General’s Office, payment from the debtor must be made directly to the Attorney General’s Office in the form of check, credit cards or the internet.A debtor’s state tax refund, racino, lottery and the state’s unclaimed funds may be offset to obtain payment.

The Adult Career Center (ACC) maintains an open-door policy for individual comments, concerns and complaints. For general comments or concerns please visit the Adult Career Center office or call 330-729-4100. Formal complaints should be submitted in writing along with your name, course and contact information to the ACC office or mailed to MCCTC Adult Career Center, 7300 N. Palmyra Road, Canfield, OH 44406.

MCCTC Adult Career Center reserves the right to change or add to any of the school policies, rules or procedures whenever deemed necessary. All changes will be posted prior to their enforcement. In addition to the policies and procedures printed here, the Adult Career Center adopts the policies and procedures set forth by the MCCTC District, including the School Emergency Procedures and Safety-Security Reference Plans.

Adult classes are organized and taught to benefit all adult individuals. All courses are offered without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, or handicap. Every effort has been made to meet the needs of those with learning disabilities through individual instruction. The building is constructed to accommodate those with handicaps that would restrict their mobility. Questions or complaints concerning the above should be addressed to the Adult Career Center Supervisor, Mahoning County Career and Technical Center, 7300 N. Palmyra Road, Canfield, OH 44406.

Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained on this page, MCCTC is not responsible for any errors or omissions and reserves the right to make changes without notice.