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Cadence Care Network

Valley STEM + Me2 Academy and Mahoning County Career and Technical Center (MCCTC) staff place high importance on the mental health and wellness of all students, therefore, we have a full-time Social Worker from Cadence Care Network in our building to meet with students. If you feel your son or daughter needs these services, please complete a referral on the school webpage under Guidance or speak to one of our school counselors if you need assistance with this process.

Full-Time Social Worker

Natale Neshite

Licensed Social Worker - Located in Guidance Office


330-729-4000 ext. 1613

Request to see a counselor.

Valley STEM + ME2 Academy

The Valley STEM + ME2 Academy’s mission is to prepare students in 9-10 grade with skills necessary to compete in the global economy while nurturing the characteristics of discovery, invention, application, and entrepreneurship.

STEM Governing Board Members

  • Ashley Totin - STEM President
  • John Kuzma - Secretary
  • Dr. Stephen Rodabaugh - STEM Board Member
  • Dr. Karen Larwin - STEM Board Member
  • Craig Hockenberry - STEM Board Member
  • Dr. Mara Banfield - STEM Superintendent
  • Jacci Duda - STEM Secretary

Additional Board Information

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