STEM+ME2 Student Handbook

This handbook has been carefully prepared to help you become acquainted with our school. Please read it thoroughly and carefully so you will be fully informed of your privileges and responsibilities. On behalf of the entire faculty and staff of Valley STEM, we extend to you our best wishes for a successful school year. May it be both enjoyable and rewarding.

The Valley STEM + ME2 Academy’s mission is to prepare students with skills necessary to compete in the global economy while nurturing the characteristics of discovery, invention, application, and entrepreneurship.

In order to provide a dynamic teaching and learning community linked to area industries, all stakeholders will be engaged as active members of the learning community and supporting students as they:

  • Engage in a seamless, inquiry-based, individualized learning experience dedicated to using STEM across the curriculum to solve problems?
  • Set goals and work to obtain the skills, knowledge, and experiences that will position students for future success, particularly in the STEM disciplines?
  • Participate in authentic real-world experiences with practicing scientists, engineers, and technical professionals at research/industry sites?
  • Participate in challenging and accelerated opportunities to demonstrate content mastery, as well as earn college credit?
  • Participate in a program aligned to stackable industry certificates with specific career pathways

Welcome to the Valley STEM + ME2 Academy! We want your school year to be happy and positive and we will do our best to create this type of school climate. With your help, we can.

To benefit from the many opportunities Valley STEM, approach each day with the necessary motivation and determination to do your best. With this attitude in mind, you will realize and receive the best education you are capable of obtaining.

Your responsibility will be that of helping to promote a caring environment. We have a diverse population coming from thirteen (13) school districts plus open enrollment students to serve. You need to be willing to expend the effort for excellence in all of your courses. Show respect to your fellow classmates, teachers, aides, secretaries, administrators, and other school support personnel. Display courtesy in the classrooms, labs, halls, assemblies, and cafetorium.

The administration and staff of Valley STEM are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. We have a student code of conduct that is reviewed annually and is established for the benefit of all students. It is our belief that students should have learned proper behavior by the time they enter high school. We expect you to conduct yourself accordingly while at Valley STEM.