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Adult Division: 330-729-4100

High School: 330-729-4000

STEM+ME2: 330-729-4000 Ext.1207

Valley STEM/MCCTC -Quick Reference Guide

Quick Reference

Valley STEM Academy

IRN: 014943

Classification: STEM Designation


IRN: 051243

Classification: Career Technical Center




Calendar and Hours

http://mahoningctc.com/2016-2017-school-calendar.h... (on website)


http://mahoningctc.com/2016-2017-school-calendar.h... (on website)


Application Period

December 14-Feb. 14

(Lottery date Feb. 14, if applications exceed 100; of not, applicants who apply prior to this get in)

No transfer back to home district after first ten days of school (unless extenuating)

January 27-First week of school (for us) Preference for timely applications starts in March. Beneficial for students to apply early for competitive programs

No transfer back to home district after first ten days of school (unless extenuating)

Application Process

http://mahoningctc.com/stemme2/ (enrolltrack application-counselors have password/access)

http://mahoningctc.com/ (enrolltrack application-counselors have password/access)


Mara Banfield, Director

Jane Hogan, Director of Special Services

Ralph Sandy, Principal/Dean Shared administration with CTC

Dr. Iarussi, Superintendent

John Zehentbauer, Assistant Superintendent

Mara Banfield, Principal/Curriculum

Jane Hogan, Director of Special Services

Ralph Sandy, Principal/Dean

Dr. Mike Saville, CT Principal

Governing Board

Vince Colaluca

Roger Day

Kim Davis

Stephanie Shaw

Dr. Steve Rodabaugh

(ESC is the fiscal agent)

Beth Donofrio

David Engler

Richard Scarsella

James Hall

Ron Carcelli

Marie Dockry

Kathi McNabb-Welsh

Deb Towns (all students)


*Counselors in commons Wednesdays to distribute information

Deb Towns (Struthers, Poland, Springfield, Campbell, Lowellville, SR, Valley STEM)


Valerie Sullivan (Austintown, JM, Sebring, WB, WR)


ESC Personnel

Jessica Cene, Marketing

Kristin Fox, Supervisor

Jessica Cene, Marketing

Kristin Fox, Supervisor

Enrollment Process (EMIS)

Contact: John Sipusic


When a resident district receives a records request from Valley STEM+ME2 Academy the resident district is to withdraw the student to Valley STEM+ME2 Academy just as they would any other student leaving to attend any other district. There are no joint/shared EMIS reporting responsibilities between Valley STEM+ME2 Academy and resident districts. *Please read below from the current EMIS manual for further clarification.

Students have the option of returning to home district after sophomore year. John Sipusic will be in contact with home district EMIS in these cases.

Students who come from STEM to CTC: Will unenroll student from Valley STEM. Discussion- protocol. John Sipusic will be in contact with home district EMIS coordinator to determine process. **As 11th grader at CTC- 20% funding goes back to home district

Contact: John Sipusic


Kristen Redarsky


JVSDs and Career-Technical Centers. In situations where a student is attending a JVSD and/or

contract career-technical center, both the resident/sending district and the career-technical district (JVSD or contract career-technical center) are required to report this element.

In addition, a Student Demographic and other applicable student data records are also required to be reported by the resident city, local, and/or exempted village school district for those students who reside within district boundaries, but are enrolled in another EMIS reporting entity such as a JVSD, DYS, OSB, or OSD.

Industry Credential

Next year, sophomores will have opportunity to earn 12 points, in some cases. Will look for ways to continue to expand this (so students who return to home district have 12)

Working to offer 12 points in every program

CC Plus

Working on this through Early College grant

Working with Stark. EGCC, YSU, KSU

If students are applying MUST take Feb. ACT (deadline Jan 13)

End of Course

All 9 and 10 tested at Valley STEM in spring

All changes must go to counselor, we will start testing January 3

Also testing in spring. Contact CTC counselors with Q’s


Will take as sophomores in Feb;

Freshmen will take ACT Aspire in March

Available to all students; contact CTC counselor for accommodations

All juniors tested March 21 (except Springfield- tests brought here, then picked up)


Seniors who have not passed OGT/EOC took last month

Juniors will take in spring

NCAA Clearinghouse

First two years at Valley STEM

(transcript upload depends on location of student junior year).

Always best to communicate student-athlete names to STEM counselor

First two years at home district (per transcript)

CTC uploads transcripts. Always best to communicate student-athlete names to CTC counselors

Student Report Card

End of each quarter to students, contact Deb Towns if you need a report card

End of each quarter to students; Home districts have information uploaded.

School Report Card

STEM School Report Card; Data Shared with home district (even though student unenrolled, coded “K” in EMIS)

CTC Report Card sent to home districts; Data shared with home district

Athletic Eligibility (Quarterly)/


Participation (outside instructional time)

Students are eligible to participate per ORC (in district of residence); grades/eligibility determined per OHSAA. Contact Deb Towns for report cards for student-athletes (best to communicate athletic rosters for STEM students each quarter)


Students are eligible to participate per ORC; grades/eligibility determined per OHSAA. Report cards automatically shared for CTC students


(during instructional time)

Up to home district if they choose to allow

Up to home district if they choose to allow

Special Education Considerations
Contact: Jane Hogan


**If a student returns to home OR stays at school after 10th grade, Special Services will contact home district to transition
Contact: Jane Hogan


Special education department starts transition during sophomore year

504 Considerations

All are updated, counselors handle (overseen by administration)

All are updated, counselors handle (overseen by administration), communicate with home district rep


Home district required to provide transportation, or payment in lieu of, per ORC

Home district required to provide transportation within CTPD

Pep Rallies/Events/ Dances

At the discretion of home district. Communicate this to Mara Banfield and Ralph Sandy (still have to provide transportation, if students are not permitted to attend)

Notify Ralph Sandy and Sheree Serbin of dates
*Counselors in commons Wednesdays to distribute information

CTC students are shared students and attend pep rallies/events

Notify Ralph Sandy and Sheree Serbin of dates for pep rallies and early release
*Counselors in commons Wednesdays to distribute information

Enrollment by District

200 Maximum (100 per grade, 9 and 10 only. Can return to home school, or attend MCCTC, after sophomore year

Program Specific Caps

22 programs currently; 24 next year (adding Computer Science and Software Engineering)

Mahoning County Career & Technical Center

7300 North Palmyra Rd., Canfield, OH 44406 • High School - 330-729-4000 • Adult Division - 330-729-4100

The MCCTC offers a group of passionate professionals ready to help you begin your career. Since 1972, MCCTC has provided thousands of students with the education to lead a successful career and life. Once enrolled in one of our diverse programs, your options and potential are limitless.

The Mahoning County Career and Technical Center offers adults an opportunity to start or advance in a career. MCCTC Adult Career Center offers Industry Credential Programs, professional development classes and other courses to put you on the right track.

Governing Board Members

  • Attorney Kathi McNabb-Welsh, President
  • Michael Stanko, Vice President
  • Attorney David Engler, Board Member
  • Mr. Richard S. Scarsella, Board Member
  • Ms. Beth Donofrio, Board Member
  • Mr. Ronald Shives, Board Member
  • Mrs. Marie Dockry, Board Member

Additional Board Information

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