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Summer Camp

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Valley STEM Summer Camp

Limited Space Available

Students that attend STEM summer camp will get an opportunity to work hands-on with Drones, 3D printing, Spheros, Laser Engraver, Tee Shirt Printing, CNC Router, FANUC Robot, Flight Simulation, and other design challenge activities. They will be working through a 4 station rotation, experiencing all that STEM has to offer!

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June 20-22 (8am-2pm)

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MCCTC Summer Camp

Call Today! 330-729-4000

Choose Any Of The Six Labs

Limited Space Available

June 13-15 (8am-2pm)

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Software Development FULL

Learn to code with Python. Students will learn the basic programming skills to create computer programs and mini-games. Students will learn to collaborate with others and apply critical thinking skills; different problem-solving techniques; persist in the face of difficult tasks; and learn about Computer Science. The students who participate will have access to Pro for the summer to continue their learning.

Culinary FULL

Students will prepare multiple recipes each day in an effort to teach a wide variety of culinary concepts. Each class will be full of hands-on cooking experience and recipe tasting/development using an assortment of fresh fruit and vegetables, meats, and grains. Students will work in teams to prepare food for the whole class to sample, all while covering a wide range of cooking skills like grilling, sautéing, baking, basic culinary measurements, and knife skills.

Exercise Science

Exercise Science will be covering overall understanding of training strategies, injury prevention, and athletic competition. Students will expand their knowledge of pre, during, and post-training exercises as well as compete in athletic events fun for all students!

Robotics FULL

Students in the robotics camp will learn to build, program and operate robots to perform various tasks using VEX robotics. Students will be introduced to robotics through a program developed by MIT called Scratch where they will be able to animate an object by dragging blocks of code onto the screen. Students will then build a robot out of VEX parts designed to complete a series of simple challenges that the students will learn to write a program for.

Engineering FULL

Students who sign up for Engineering will build an actual working Amphibious 6-Wheeled ATV from the ground up. When the ATV is completed they will be given the chance to ride in it and learn how to drive it! During the project, students will be exposed to shop safety, working with hand tools, 2-stroke engines, variable speed clutches, sprockets, chains, and how changing the number of teeth on a sprocket affects the speed and torque of the ATV. Learning to work as a team is also a large part of the project. This project is very hands-on.

Auto Tech

Students in automotive will be learning about the internal combustion engine. We will build a model of a moving engine with all internal parts required to work. This will give students a hands-on understanding of engine properties.

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