Summer Camps!

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Summer Camps!

Camp Dates- June 12, 13, 14
Camp Times- 8:00- 2:00
Breakfast- 8-8:30
Lunch- 11-11:30
Cost- $40
Max amount of students per lab- 20( Engineering- 12)

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Camp  Lab Instructor Description

Students will prepare multiple recipes each day in an effort to teach a wide variety of culinary concepts.  Each class will be full of hands-on cooking experience and recipe tasting/development using an assortment of fresh fruit and vegetables, meats, and grains.  Students will work in teams to prepare food for the whole class to sample, all while covering a wide range of cooking skills like grilling, baking, basic culinary measurements and knife skills.

Students who sign up for Engineering will build an actual working Amphibious 6-Wheeled ATV from the ground up.  When the ATV is completed they will be given the chance to ride in it and learn how to drive it!  During the project, students will be exposed to shop safety, working with hand tools, 2-stroke engines, variable speed clutches, sprockets, chains, and how changing the number of teeth on a sprocket affects the speed and torque of the ATV.  Learning to work as a team is also a large part of the project.  This project is very hands-on.
Exercise Science Phil Bellotta Exercise Science will be covering overall understanding of training strategies, injury prevention, and athletic competition. Students will expand knowledge of pre, during, and post training exercises as well as compete in athletic events fun for all students! 
Software Development Michael Sekol Attention all aspiring coders! Join our Software Development Camp and explore the cutting edge world of Artificial Intelligence! Using Python, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the latest trends in AI and build your own AI projects with the help of our experienced instructors. Our camp will provide you with hands-on experience and the knowledge you need to start your coding journey. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to learn, grow, and have fun! Sign up now and get ready to discover the power of AI! Note: for this camp, students will need to have their own gmail that they can access during the camp. This will be used to sign-up for sites like and
Early Childhood Education Julie Pagnotta Early Childhood Education is the period from birth to age 8.  Those who study this field wish to become daycare providers, nannies, preschool teachers –and with additional education they may become Kindergarten or elementary grade 1-3 teachers.  During summer camp we will examine the importance of play to help children develop physically, cognitively, emotionally, and socially. Children’s health, safety, and nutrition will be among topics explored through many authentic hands-on learning experiences.  We will be able to observe children at play in our on-site daycare facility, but there can be no direct contact because camp participants do not meet the requirements that daycare providers do.  
Aviation Jennie Wensel Students that sign up for the Aviation Maintenance Camp will be exploring different maintenance procedures and techniques that aircraft mechanics use in the field every day! During the camp, we will be doing multiple hands-on aviation maintenance projects like sheet metal riveting and creating a fabric wing. Students that participate in this camp will be able to take home their projects at the end of camp. Don’t miss out on this awesome, in-depth opportunity to investigate the aviation field!
Advanced Manufacturing Mike Lutz Students that sign up for Advanced Manufacturing will learn to manually create a CNC Mill program (input, edit, delete, copy/paste), how to set tool offsets, work offsets, and the safety procedures that are required to operate the CNC Mill safely.
Welding Denny Naples Students will first go over safety. They will then learn to take torches apart and put them back together safely. Possibly striking an arc in lab and running some stringer beads. Teacher will also explain AWS Procedures.
Diesel Power Tech Joe Merritt Info Coming Soon!
Animal Science Stephanie Yungen Info Coming Soon!

STEM Camp is FULL as of 5/17/2023- Check out our MCCTC camps!!!

Activity Lab Instructor Description
#1 Manufacturing Lab VanOrman(T. Smith) Students will work with a Laser Engraver, create some stickers and window clings, then move into printing their own camp tee shirts, before designing and 3D printing their own chocolate molds. 
#2 Robotics Lab Lop(Z. Capan) Students will have an opportunity to work with Vex robotics to assemble and race their own Vex robots.  They will also have some exposure to flying drones during this lab time.
# 3 RAMTEC Moore(J. Voitus) Students will work with the AC/DC electrical training stations to create circuits, then move on to the CNC Router where they will engrave an image of their choice on a piece of wood, then they will move on to the Fanuc Robot  and Flight Simulator.
#4 Science Lab Wensel(M. Stratis) Students will be participating in a series of engaging, hands-on energy and STEM experiments and competitions. Students will learn about the engineering design process and apply that to their experiments and competitions!
#5 Math Lab Brown / N. Capan Students will participate in a series of mini STEM design challenges where they will work together to design a product that not only performs well, but is cost efficient. After completing the design process and developing a prototype for each challenge, students will put their creations to the test.
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