Students Visit Humtown Addative


Students Visit Humtown Addative

Students had a great experience touring Humtown Additive this week all with the help of their very own peers, Sophia Elia and Taylor Perry. Humtown Additive is embarking on a new way of touring students through their facility led by their own fellow classmates. They are calling this experience “Through the Lens of My Friends.” Sophia and Taylor were selected to learn Humtown’s additive manufacturing process in order to teach their peers when they came to the facility. 

Melanie Brock, English instructor at Valley STEM Academy said, “We are so grateful for Mr. Lamoncha and the rest of the team at Humtown for creating such a unique, hands-on learning experience for our students. It was really fulfilling to see the students practice their STEM skills in an authentic environment– they had the biggest smiles on their faces the entire time. ”

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