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STEM Student Dress Code


To best prepare you for employment, your instructors will advise you concerning what you should wear and how you should dress. Their suggestions will be based upon the knowledge of what employers expect of an employee.

Our chief concerns are conditions affecting the health and safety of students. Depending upon the nature of a student’s career & technical program, uniforms with shirttails tucked in, safe footwear, special gloves and safety glasses and/or shields may be required.

The individual is allowed freedom with regard to taste and styles while observing boundaries of decency, health and safety. It is not a question as to the right to wear certain articles, but rather what is necessary to prevent disruption in the school environment. Any attire or appearance that may be considered a distraction to the educational process will be prohibited.

Students not in compliance with the following rules will be sent to In School Suspension for the first offense and will be subject to further disciplinary action for subsequent offenses. Lab uniforms may be worn throughout the day, providing they are clean.

All students must comply with the following rules:

  • Clothing must be clean and in good repair.
  • Clothing must be modest and safe; no loose fitting garments which may become caught in machinery.
  • Appropriate undergarments must be worn at all times. Undergarments are not to be exposed at any time.
  • No sleeveless tops, blouses, shirts, or tank tops of any kind are permitted. Sleeveless athletic jerseys, bare midriffs, and see-through shirts or blouses are not to be worn. Shirts must cover the entire stomach; no skin or cleavage may be exposed.
  • Garments are to be worn to fit the size of the student; i.e. neither oversized nor excessively tight. Pants are to be worn at the waist. Raised or excessively long pant legs are not permitted. Pants may not touch the floor. Pajama pants are not permitted.
  • No torn, cut, ripped or frayed clothing is permitted; i.e. shorts, skirts, pants, or tops.
  • Hair should be clean and neat; hairstyles should be acceptable to the workplace, and pulled back when using machinery.
  • Shorts or skirts must extend to at least the top of the knee and should not be excessively tight. The slit in skirts must not extend beyond mid thigh. Rolled up cutoffs may not be worn. Spandex shorts are not permitted. In programs where uniforms are required or where safety is a concern, shorts will not be permitted during lab. Shorts will not be permitted on field trips or at any time determined by the teacher to be inappropriate.
  • Attire or accessories with studs, rivets, chains, etc. are not permitted.
  • Students are required to wear appropriate protective clothing and devices. Instructors will provide specific information as it relates to each career & technical program.
  • Safe and hygienic footwear must be worn at all times. No slippers are permitted.
  • Clothing or accessories with writing, pictures or slogans referring to or suggestive of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sex, profanity, or containing obscene or offensive language or pictures are prohibited.
  • Sweatbands, hats of any kind, bandannas, distracting/costume contact lenses and sunglasses are not to be worn or carried in the school building.
  • Jackets, coats, and hats are not to be worn in class, between class sessions, or during lunch. Students are required to leave coats, jackets, hats, book bags and backpacks in their lockers.
  • Any clothing, jewelry or other materials perceived as being gang or cult-related are prohibited.
  • No facial jewelry or body piercing will be permitted. This includes but is not limited to any piercing or jewelry on or about the face such as nose, eyebrows, and lips with the exception of the ears. Some shop areas may prohibit jewelry altogether. Employers have also urged us to discourage tattoos. Instructors may request all jewelry to be removed during lab hours.

**The building administrator’s judgment is the final authority as to whether or not attire is considered appropriate or disruptive. Students may be asked to dress up at times, if guests are visiting, or on field trips.

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