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Parents of MCCTC Seniors

We realize that this time of year is an exciting time for seniors and their parents, and we are excited to announce the particulars for this year's Senior Awards Ceremonies. The MCCTC Administration and Board of Education have worked together to, once again, ensure celebrations that will recognize the achievements of our incredible seniors separate from their home school graduation

In planning this year's ceremonies we were thankful for the relaxation of COVID restrictions; however, we also realized that those very conditions allowed us to celebrate in a way we have never been able to before, making the past two Awards Ceremonies more memorable and individualized for each of our seniors. Both of those variables, combined with logistics, contributed to the final plans for the 2022 Awards Ceremonies allowing you to also honor the accomplishments of your child.


Wednesday, May 25th

  • Machine Academy - Ceremony 8:00 am - Arrival Time 7:30 am
  • Arts Academy - Ceremony 10:00 am - Arrival Time 9:30 am
  • Global Academy - Ceremony 12:00 pm - Arrival Time 11:30 am
  • ICONS Academy - Ceremony 2:00 pm - Arrival Time 1:30 pm

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The particulars are outlined below:

The Awards Ceremonies will be held on Wednesday, May 25, 2022. Each academy will have a specified time of recognition as follows:

  • Machine Academy - Ceremony 8:00 am - Arrival Time 7:30 am
  • Arts Academy - Ceremony 10:00 am - Arrival Time 9:30 am
  • Global Academy - Ceremony 12:00 pm - Arrival Time 11:30 am
  • ICONS Academy - Ceremony 2:00 pm - Arrival Time 1:30 pm

Seniors of each academy will be permitted on campus ONLY during the above hours. There will be one entrance and exit to direct students in and out of the ceremony. Any student who arrives on campus outside of their designated times will not be granted entrance.

Each senior is allowed only one guest vehicle in the lot that holds friends and/or family members; (riders in the back of a pickup truck are prohibited). Graduates should plan on arriving in that vehicle which will be led to the designated door of their procession. If a graduate must arrive separately he/she is not permitted to have guests accompanying them. Those students will be directed to the "graduate Lot" from which the ceremonies will not be visible. THERE WILL BE NO INDIVIDUAL SEATING AREA. ***We realize that for varying reasons more than one household per student may be receiving this information. As an administration and staff, we trust that you, with your child, will determine the occupants of that single guest vehicle on campus to be sure every senior has the opportunity to share the event with loved ones. The above decisions were determined by the administration and Board of Education based on the logistics of our campus. The only entrance and exit are on Palmyra Road. Also, the outdoor area for the ceremony is limited to the number of spaces for vehicle parking and guest viewing. If weather conditions force the ceremonies to be held indoors, that space is also limited.

Participating seniors will be issued a number that will serve as admittance for his/her guest vehicle, and that same number will also assist in parking, the students' processions, and exiting. To further ensure the safety of all, staff members posted at the authorized entrance will have a list of the issued student numbers to verify the accuracy of incoming vehicles. Any unauthorized vehicle/guests will not be permitted to enter.

A final note: MCCTC Senior Awards Ceremonies date and times have been planned to avoid conflict with those of our home school Graduation Day requirements. Please be sure to consult those individually for your child's graduation dates, times, and requirement information.

A more detailed list of particulars will be mailed to parents in the first week of May. Please review those carefully.

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Governing Board Members

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  • Ms. Beth Donofrio, Vice-President
  • Mr. Ronald Shives, Board Member
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  • Attorney Kathi McNabb-Welsh, Board Member
  • John Zehentbauer - Superintendent

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