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W.I.T.S. Instructor Bio

Amber Landsman is the owner of Natural Body Restoration, LLC, and Fit-To-Protect, LLC. She holds a B.A. in Experimental Psychology, an MSc in Physiology and Wellness, and is an NSCA-certified personal trainer and YogaFit-certified yoga instructor. Amber is also a Holistic Lifestyle Coach, specializing in whole food nutrition and habit change.

Amber works as a freelance Health Science writer for online resources and a popular women’s health magazine. She is also a blog author at Where she has helped hundreds of women, men and young adults get healthy, lean, fit and free from the Standard American Diet which is the major contributor to our diseased state. She strives to merge the drive for body change with the concept of self-acceptance and introspection, especially for women, many of whom struggle with emotional eating and body-esteem issues. Amber believes the outside changes begin on changing the inside first (emotionally, chemically by balancing our hormones, spiritually and physically), and without the behavioral coaching element, any physical change is temporary.

Amber has also regularly appeared as a contributing Wellness Consultant on WKBN News, ESPN Radio 1240 (Youngstown, OH) and WGCH Radio 1490 (NYC) .

Goals: My goals have shifted over the last 10 years in the health & wellness industry. After doing several years of health promotion work in the media and other public venues, it has become more important to me to make a bigger difference in the industry. Beautiful physiques are enviable, but they are not what matters the most, in my opinion.

My personal goals include taking my education, expertise and experience and using it to create something bigger than myself in order to reach and help more people. My passion and purpose is in learning and teaching. I have many interests and I want to explore them all—business, communication/coaching techniques, writing, productivity, lifestyle, nutrition, sports training/recovery, injury prevention, movement therapy practices, biomechanics, posture and alignment, meditation and breath work, yoga, and exploring the world with her husband, Dr. Michael Butcher.

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