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Valley STEM & MCCTC Quick Reference Guide

A quick guide to all the information you need about the STEM+ME2 classes located on Palmyra Rd., Canfield, Ohio.

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Valley STEM Academy
IRN: 014943
Classification: STEM Designation

IRN: 051243
Classification: Career Technical Center



Hours: 7:55-2:20

Hours: 7:55-2:20


250, 9th/10th

780, 11th/12th

Application Period

Will open Oct. 2021, lottery if applications exceed 100 for incoming 9th; if not, applicants who apply prior to this get in. Minimal openings for incoming 10th.

January 2022- until full. Preference for timely applications starts in February (window opens). Beneficial for students to apply early for competitive programs- they fill fast

Application Process

We will post on the website and will notify counselors. We are no longer using Enrolltrack.

We will post on the website and will notify counselors. We are no longer using Enrolltrack


Dr. Mara Banfield, Superintendent
Ryan Jones, Treasurer
Maurice Taylor, Student Services
Coordinator & Principal
Ralph Sandy, Principal/Dean
Matt Campbell, Principal
Jessica Cene-Marketing
Chris Stewart-Technology
Don Adams- Maintenance

John Zehentbauer, Superintendent
Brian Rella Treasurer
Dr. Mara Banfield, CT Director
Maurice Taylor, Student Services
Coordinator; Principal
Ralph Sandy, Principal/Dean
Matt Campbell, CT Principal
Jessica Cene-Marketing
Chris Stewart-Technology
Don Adams- Maintenance

Governing Board

Dallas Saunders (President)
Mary Valko
John Kuzma (Secretary)
Ashley Totin
Dr. Steve Rodabaugh
(ESC is the fiscal agent-Superintendent: Traci Hostetler)

Mike Stanko (President)
Marie Dockry (Vice President)
Ronald Shives
Attny. Kathi McNabb-Welsh
Attny. David Engler
Richard Scarsella
Beth Donofrio


Cassandra Psaras

PBIS: Mike Robinson

Lauren Mechling (Machine and iCONS)

Valerie Sullivan (Global and Arts)

PBIS: Mike Robinson

Student Wellness/Achievement

Cassandra Psaras

Mary Valko

Job Placement, Community Outreach and Events

Jessica Cene

Jessica Cene

Enrollment Process (EMIS)

Contact: Niki Hively 
Cassandra Psaras

The student will unenroll from the home district. Students who come from STEM to CTC: Will unenroll students from Valley STEM. Cassie Psaras will work with home districts to assist in this process.

Contact: Lauren Hunkus

JVSDs and Career-Technical Centers. In situations where a student is attending a JVSD and/or contract career-technical center, both the resident/sending district and the career-technical district (JVSD or contract career-technical center) are required to report this element. The student is jointly enrolled.

School Report Card

STEM School Report Card; Data Shared with the home district (even though student unenrolled, coded “K” in EMIS)

CTC Report Card sent to home districts; Data shared with home district

Athletic Eligibility (Quarterly)

Extra curricular Participation (outside instructional time)

Students are eligible to participate per ORC ( in the district of residence); grades/eligibility are determined per OHSAA.

Contact Cassie Psaras for report cards for student-athletes (best to communicate athletic rosters for STEM students each quarter) bility/GuidelinesForNon-EnrolledStudents.pdf

Students are eligible to participate per ORC; grades/eligibility determined per OHSAA.

Report cards are automatically shared for CTC students - contact Val or Lauren with questions.

Cocurricular (during instructional time)

Up to home district if they choose to allow

Up to home district if they choose to allow

Special Education Considerations

Contact: Maurice Taylor

**If a student returns to home OR stays at school after 10th grade, Special Services will contact the home district to transition. We encourage directors to remain involved from 9th through 12th since the student is shared again in 11th grade.

Contact: Maurice Taylor

The special education department starts
transition during sophomore year

504 Considerations

All are updated; overseen by the administration- Contact Maurice Taylor

All are updated; overseen by the administration- Contact Maurice Taylor


Home district required to provide transportation, or payment in lieu of, per ORC. Referrals go to Ralph Sandy.

All are updated; overseen by administration-Contact Maurice Taylor

Pep Rallies, Events and Dances

At the discretion of the home district. communicate this to Mara Banfield and Ralph Sandy (still have to provide transportation, if students are not permitted to attend)

Notify Ralph Sandy

Jennifer Tarbett at,
for early release

CTC students are shared students and attend pep rallies/events

Notify Ralph Sandy;

Jennifer Tarbet at for early release

Enrollment by District

210 Maximum (105 per grade, 9 and 10 only. Can return to home school, or attend MCCTC, after sophomore year

Program Specific Caps

Mahoning County Career & Technical Center

7300 North Palmyra Rd., Canfield, OH 44406

MCCTC - 330-729-4000 • Adult Division - 330-729-4100

The MCCTC offers a group of passionate professionals ready to help you begin your career. Since 1972, MCCTC has provided thousands of students with the education to lead a successful career and life. Once enrolled in one of our diverse programs, your options and potential are limitless.

The Mahoning County Career and Technical Center offers adults an opportunity to start or advance in a career. MCCTC Adult Career Center offers Industry Credential Programs, professional development classes and other courses to put you on the right track.

Governing Board Members

  • Mr. Michael Stanko, President
  • Mrs. Marie Dockry, Vice-president
  • Mr. Ronald Shives, Board Member
  • Attorney David Engler, Board Member
  • Mr. Richard S. Scarsella, Board Member
  • Ms. Beth Donofrio, Board Member
  • Attorney Kathi McNabb-Welsh, Board Member

Additional Board Information

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