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Academy First Name Last Name Title Ext. Email Link
Lisa Argiro Cosmetology Instructor 1309 lisa.argiro@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Walter Baber Engineering Instructor 1620 walter.baber@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Christine Baglama Nurse 1130 christine.baglama@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Cassandra Bair STEM School Counselor 1609 cassandra.bair@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Seth Basista Science Teacher 1306 seth.basista@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Phillip Bellotta Exercise Science Instructor 1508 phillip.bellotta@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Rachel Bickel Science Instructor 1625 rachel.bickel@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Heather Bionci Math Teacher 1442 heather.bionci@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Melanie Brock STEM English Teacher 1722 melanie.brock@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Mark Brooker Electricity Instructor 1529 mark.brooker@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Jason Campbell Social Studies Teacher 1408 jason.campbell@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Zach Capan STEM VOSE 1728 zachary.capan@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Michelle Cardiero ELA 1555 michelle.cardiero@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Monica Carniello Math Instructor 1659 monica.ciarniello@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Kasey Clark VOSE 1607 kasey.clark@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Dustin Cramer Math Teacher 1412 dustin.cramer@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Anthony Cycyk English Teacher 1658 anthony.cycyk@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Jacob Danes Social Studies Teacher 1414 jacob.danes@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Anthony Davis Public Safety Instructor 1521 anthony.davis@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Scott Davis West Branch CBI Instructor 1872 scott.davis@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Christl DeNiro Culinary Arts Instructor 1428 christl.deniro@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Brandy Dunbar Math Teacher 1440 brandy.dunbar@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Mary June Emerson Natural Resources and Wildlife Management Instructor 1671 Mary.emerson@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Megan Ferraro Science Teacher 1626 megan.ferraro@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Josephine Foster Health Science Tech Prep Instructor 1554 Josephine.foster@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Stephanie Francis VOSE 1429 stephanie.francis@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Donna Greer English Teacher 1301 donna.greer@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Melinda Grimm Social Studies Teacher 1402 melinda.grimm@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Garret Hack STEM Science Teacher 1854 garrett.hack@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Melissa Hackett Creative Arts & Design Instructor 1437 melissa.hackett@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Brian Jones CBI - MCCTC & Poland - bmjones@polandschools.org Teacher Page
John Klem Machine Team VOS 1444 John.Klem@MahoningCTC.com Teacher Page
Alissa Kolar English Teacher 1410 alissa.kolar@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Megan Kovach STEM English Teacher 1720 megan.kovach@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Julie Larkin Math Instructor 1730 julie.larkin@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Julie Larkin Math Instructor - julie.larkin@mahoningctc.com
Alyssa Liste Math Teacher 1538 alyssa.liste@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Maggie Little STEM Science Teacher 1711 maggie.little@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Michael Lopuchovsky STEM Math Teacher 1857 michael.lopuchovsky@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Michael Lutz Advanced Manufacturing Teacher 1452 michael.lutz@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Jared Lyder English Instructor 1400 jared.lyder@mahoningctc.com
Lauren Mechling School Counselor 1244 lauren.mechling@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Joe Merritt Truck & Diesel Instructor 1575 joe.merritt@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Bob Miller Biotechnology Instructor 1307 robert.miller@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Jordan Miller Medical Occupation Instructor 1515 Jordan.Miller@MahoningCTC.com Teacher Page
Jaye Mills Networking/Cyber Security Instructor 1610 jamison.mills@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Dennis Naples Welding Instructor 1457 denny.naples@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Michelle Naymick VOSE 1247 michelle.naymick@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Julie Pagnotta Early Childhood Education Instructor 1215 julie.pagnotta@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Will Parker Social Studies Teacher 1404 william.parker@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Matt Putzier Culinary Arts Instructor 1505 matthew.putzier@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Mike Robinson Life Skills Coach/Independent Study 1125 michael.robinson@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Scott Rowe Aviation Maintenance Technology Instructor 1461 scott.rowe@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Joseph Sander Collision Repair Instructor 1563 joe.sander@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Heather Sankey VOSE 1608 heather.sankey@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Sara Schaefer Science Instructor 1605 sara.schaefer@mahoningctc.com
Michael Sekol Software Engineering Instructor 1616 michael.sekol@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Marina Silvestri VOSE 1606 marina.silvestri@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Marc Silvestri Automotive Tech Instructor 1570 marc.silvestri@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
David Smith Bldg Remodeling & Maintenance Instructor 1467 dave.smith@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Valerie Sullivan School Counselor 1245 valerie.sullivan@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Mary Ann Thoburn Digital Print & Design Instructor 1413 maryann.thoburn@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Patti Thorsby Science Instructor 1304 patti.thorsby@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Todd Van Orman STEM Coach 1855 todd.vanorman@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Jordan Voitus Social Studies Teacher 1455 jordan.voitus@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Mary Williams Independent Study 1511 mary.williams@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Leslie Wright STEM Social Studies Teacher 1870 leslie.wright@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page
Rachel Young STEM Coordinator 1851 r.young@mahoningctc.com Teacher Page

Mahoning County Career & Technical Center

7300 North Palmyra Rd., Canfield, OH 44406 • High School - 330-729-4000 • Adult Division - 330-729-4100

The MCCTC offers a group of passionate professionals ready to help you begin your career. Since 1972, MCCTC has provided thousands of students with the education to lead a successful career and life. Once enrolled in one of our diverse programs, your options and potential are limitless.

The Mahoning County Career and Technical Center offers adults an opportunity to start or advance in a career. MCCTC Adult Career Center offers Industry Credential Programs, professional development classes and other courses to put you on the right track.

Governing Board Members

  • Mr. Michael Stanko, President
  • Mrs. Marie Dockry, Vice-president
  • Mr. Ronald Shives, Board Member
  • Attorney David Engler, Board Member
  • Mr. Richard S. Scarsella, Board Member
  • Ms. Beth Donofrio, Board Member
  • Attorney Kathi McNabb-Welsh, Board Member

Additional Board Information

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