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Letter and FAQ to MCCTC & Valley STEM Families

March 30, 2020

From: Mara L. Banfield, Director

Dear Families,

We know this is a challenging time for everyone, especially our students. Please know that our staff and administration is working diligently to continue to provide an excellent education in this difficult time. We have assembled a document for you in hopes to answer some questions. Please understand there are a lot of unknowns, and we are attempting to provide clarity as we gather new information.

Here are a few questions and answers we have received. Please understand that things are changing daily, and we will keep you posted as new information becomes available. We plan to move forward in hopes to return to school this year, but we are awaiting guidance from the State:

Q: Will we return to school this year?

A: As of today, the target date is May 1. We will await guidance and information from the governor and proceed as if we are, and we are planning in case we are not.

Q: Will I have to take End-of-Course tests?

A: Per HB 197, signed by the Governor on 3/27/2020, these will be waived this year.

Q: If I do not have to take End-of-Course, will this keep me from graduating?

A: Students will not be penalized if they were on track to graduate as of the date the Governor’s order went into effect.

Q: Will I have to take WebXam (CT) this year?

A: Per HB 197, signed by the Governor on 3/27/2020, these will be waived this year.

Q: Will this affect me from graduating?

A: Here is the latest information from the Ohio Department of Education. Per ODE FAQ:

“Ensuring that the Class of 2020 is on track to graduate is an important priority. Schools should take this opportunity to review the status of each senior to determine the extent to which the student has met graduation requirements for the Class of 2020 . There is significant flexibility in the graduation requirements for the Class of 2020. It is important that schools understand the needs of each of their students and have, to the extent possible, a plan to help each student complete these requirements during the remainder of the school year, both during the closure period (as practicable) and at such time as school may resume.

Should the current situation change, the Department of Education will provide additional information. Our commitment is to provide reasonable flexibility in the interest of doing what is right for students”

MCCTC has extensive data for which of our students were on track prior to this situation occurring. If you have a question, reach out to your child’s counselor. We will be in contact with all senior families as soon as the state releases the next update and we interpret what they decide.

Q: Will we still have spring break and summer as scheduled?

A: The calendar will not change, so yes.

Q: What about prom, NTHS, and other events?

A: See calendar below for original and backup dates scheduled for events. We are moving forward with original dates until we are told we cannot do so. If that becomes the case, the backup dates would be in effect.

Q: What about summer school and camps?

A: If we are allowed in the building we will offer summer school and camps. We will offer summer school online if we are not allowed in the building for some reason.

Q: What about the industry credentials I was going to get as a senior that would help me in my future job?

A: We are working through options here. In some cases, online may be an option. If we are allowed in the building in the summer, we may offer opportunities for camps centered around credentials. Details to come, but we assure you that finding a solution for seniors is a priority.

Q: What about outstanding fees?

A: Admin is working through this now. The health and safety of our students and staff is our number one priority.

Q: What about participating in clubs?

A: If you are interested, reach out to your club advisor, and they can explore virtual activities.

Q: What about picking up my cap and gown if we move the senior ceremony to August?

A: We will provide you with more information if this becomes the case.

Q: What about report cards?

A: Our timeline and calendar will not change. Report cards will be posted online by April 6. Instructions on how to access will be available later this week.

Q: What about home district graduation ceremonies?

A: We will assemble that information when we get it as it becomes available.

Q: What if I need to talk to a counselor?

A: Click this link and they will contact you.

Q: What about ACT, applying for college, CC Plus:

A: Visit this page for guidance updates.

Q: Where else can I find more information?

A: Here are some resources. Social media is the best way to get up-to-date information since it changes frequently.

Social Media (follow us! Updates daily):

  • Instragram (MCCTC; stem.me2)
  • Facebook (Mahoning County Career and Technical Center; Valley STEM + ME2 Academy)
  • Twitter (@MCCTC; @MaraBanfield; @STEMAcademy2)

Please contact your teachers for any questions related to your assignments. Call 330-729-4000 if you have other questions. We have people monitoring phone lines.