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Student Application - Valley STEM+ME2 Academy

Application Process:

Application is open from Dec. 14, 2016- Feb. 14, 2017. There is no academic admission criteria – all students who apply during that time have an equal chance of being accepted (unless on list of students given preference-see below). Once all applications are received, if there are more applicants than seats available, students will be chosen via blind lottery, which will take place on Tuesday, Feb. 14, 3:30 pm. Students who are not admitted through the lottery are added to a wait list in their lottery order. Any student who applies after the initial application period will be added to the end of the waitlist. All applications must be in by February 14, 3:00 pm., in order to be eligible for the lottery. In the event that by February 14 there are more open spots than applicants, all applicants who have applied for lottery positions shall be admitted, and any other students who apply after Feb. 14 will be admitted on a first come, first serve basis. For the 2017-2018 school year, there will be 100 spots for incoming freshmen, and 30 spots for incoming sophomores.

2017-2018 Enrollment

Submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance into the Valley STEM+ME2 Academy.

Students’ placement, or rank order, on the wait list will be by lottery assignment followed by the order of which a completed application was submitted after the initial application period.

Should a currently accepted student choose not to attend, the Director of the Academy may, at their discretion, choose to admit a student from the waitlist, in the order noted above, into the Valley STEM+ME2 Academy.

Student Requirements for Application Acceptance:
  • Student must be an Ohio resident at time of application;
  • At the end of the 2016-2017 academic year, student must be recommended for advancement to the 9th grade or 10th grade by their present school.
Students will be admitted on a lottery basis, with the following students given preference:
  • -Students attending the school the previous year
  • -Siblings of students who attended the school the previous year, or upcoming year
  • -If a lottery takes place, if siblings apply together, one student getting admitted automatically admits the siblings
  • -Students whose parents work at MCCTC, or Valley STEM, will be given preference
Student Application Guidelines:

Applications MUST be completed in their entirety in order to be considered.

Aside from the requirements listed above, an accurate and fully completed application is the only criteria for acceptance to the wait list. The information gathered by the application will not be used to determine waitlist acceptance or rank, rather it is used to process necessary enrollment paperwork and to learn about the applicant prior to the start of the academic year.

Incomplete applications will not be considered. An email will be sent upon receipt of the application. This notification will indicate if the application was complete.

The completeness of an application will be determined on a case-by-case basis and is determined at the sole discretion of the Director of the Academy. Falsification of any information may disqualify applicant from being entered into the lottery or being accepted. All applicants will be scheduled for an interview.

Applications are due by February 14th, 2016 at 3:00pm. Any application received after this time will not be placed in the original lottery. Wait list applications will be accepted until June 1, 2017.

For questions, contact Mara Banfield, Director, Valley STEM + ME2 Academy at


7300 North Palmyra Rd., Canfield, OH 44406 • High School - 330-729-4000 • Adult Division - 330-729-4100

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  • Mr. Ronald Carcelli, Board Member
  • Mrs. Marie Dockry, Board Member
  • Michael Stanko, Board Member

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